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I started djing in the early nineties at the local skating rink.
After many days and nights at the skating rink and requesting song after song, I was showed how to dj! What?! That is when I knew this might be an avenue to explore. Music is my high that I just can't get enough of now! "When a track send chills through your body, that's when I know it's a great track!"-VA

Djing has been great for me, I've had the opportunity to travel and play at some of the best venues and with the biggest dj's in the world.
I'm starting to get back into producing music so I can teach myself some new tools to add to my current skill set.

I think that ’s why I love music; I feel you will never master it. You will learn something new on a daily basis; as well it will make you push the envelope every time! I'm never afraid to try something new or be creative live when djing or producing in the studio.

I think that's what makes us Dj's stand apart.
Music to me is what you make of it and how you use it for self-expression! It's all about good feeling music! This is one of my goals in life, put out good music for the world to enjoy! "Thank god for beautiful music everyday!"-VA

Currently today, I'm known as a versatile House, Breakbeat, and Open Format Master Dj/Vj with over 30yrs experience. I have had the chance to perform in some of the scene's most influential venues the Southeast, Northeast & Midwest has to offer. I've been fortunate to be featured on "Outbreak" 88.5fm Georgia State University's radio station, as well as repeat guest spots on "EDMSoundSystem" 91.1fm WREK Georgia Tech's radio station & "Masters In The Mix" WCRX 91.1fm Columbia College Chicago. When I'm behind the decks, I like the ability to send chills through the crowd by pulling them in dozens of directions during any given show I feel fortunate to have blessed the decks with some  have had  has spun with artists like; Krafty Kuts, Dom and Roland, Jackal & Hyde, Charles Feelgood, Sandra Collins, Forest Green, George Acosta, Nick Warren, Icey, Baby Anne, Rick West, Dj Santana, Pedro M., Huda Hudia, DJ Trona, Hive, Fonkah, UFO, Sage, Debbie D., Fixx, Skip-A-Beat, DjB, Terry Thurston, Sikora, Sam Malone, Caffeine, Julian on the Radio-KISSFM, Josh R-B96FM, Marc Stout, and the very best local talent that the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest region has to offer. Although Florida is home, I did gain quite a fan base up in the Midwest. Talk about luck, I was featured in the 2012 August issue of Wassup Magazine! I was also part of the production duo Echo Chamb3r - Chicago, IL. I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


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    Tampa, FL

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